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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tired...oh yeah and a Colonoscopy!

I know that I have been mentioning how exhausted I have been but maybe I can put it into a little better perspective.  I sleep most of the day and of course at night.  I am probably averaging at least 16 hours a day of sleep.  And I am still completely exhausted and feel like I need more sleep.  It has come to the point that I go to my Nanny's house when Glenn has the kids.  Why do we do that?  Because I am usually sleeping and they don't want to wake me.  So on Saturdays, to be fair to Glenn and his time with the kids, I go to my Nanny's, visit with her and then, you guessed it, go to sleep in her guest bedroom until it is time to go back home.  People don't understand this though.  They think that I am avoiding Glenn's kids but Glenn and I have talked about it and this is for his benefit so that my illness doesn't come between his time with his kids.  We try to make people understand but they don't get it.  And really, I don't care at this point as we are trying to do our best to function as a family the best we can under these circumstances.  But enough about that...I have something else I have to prepare for....

March 18, 2009 I am scheduled for my first ever Colonoscopy.  Am I not to young to be going through things like this!?!  Yet, I understand why and that is why on the day before the procedure I am staring at these concoctions on my kitchen counter and knowing that they have to enter my body.  Literally, nobody can warn you enough about the day before the procedure.  Seriously.  I have to drink 4 liters of some pretty disgusting stuff, to get rid of the disgusting stuff that is in my colon, intestines etc. 

Now, if you have never had this procedure done, make sure you have clear access to the bathroom and that if anybody else is in the house with you, make sure that they understand fully that you need clear access to the bathroom at any given SECOND!  Literally.  Once you start drinking the stuff and it starts moving and shaking your bowels, you will pretty much be situated on the throne for the rest of the day and night.  I kid you not.  Even when you think that there could possibly be nothing left in the world for you to get rid of, you will continue to empty out well past that point!

When Glenn got home from work, I told him that if he needed to go to the bathroom that night, he was going to have to go find a bathroom somewhere else.  He doesn't really believe me until he sees me do the 20 yard dash to the bathroom in under 1 second (kid you not!).  When you gotta go, you gotta go NOW!

But seriously, that is the worst of it.  The day before the colonoscopy is the worst.  You have nothing to fear about the colonoscopy itself.  You get to the hospital, change into your gown, you get on the exam table, they put you to sleep and you wake up and don't even know that anything has been done...that is until they give you the pictures that they took while looking around in there as a souvenir.  Piece of cake.  You walk out and go home, no side affects whatsoever.  Okay, there is a good side probably weigh about 10 pounds lighter as you have nothing in you! 

So please, if you ever get told that they want to do a colonoscopy, don't fear it.  Fear the day before.  No don't fear it, just be very prepared and make sure the rest of the household is prepared as well that they will have no access to the bathroom.

There, I feel like a big girl now, I can say I have done and survived a colonoscopy.  Good news is, there is no Chron's or Colitis.  Bad news is, we still don't know what is going on.  Maybe the next test on the 24th will give us some answers...

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