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Thursday, March 17, 2011

April 2009

April 1, 2009....besides being April Fool's Day, it is now the official day that I am on long term disability.  Up until now, I have been on short term disability with my work.  So today is kind of a big day.  Being that I am in a "temporary position" at work, I can only be on long term disability for two years.  After that, if I am still not able to work, I am on my own.  But seriously, I am not going to need the two years am I??

April was a slow month health related.  I only had 2 appointments with Dr. Boyko and those were most likely dealing with the paper work for my long term disability and follow-up blood work to keep monitoring things.  It was kind of nice to have a month were I wasn't running every week to another appointment with a new doctor.  I spent some much needed down time as personal life is getting a little more hectic.

Glenn's daughter Nicole is getting married in May, so we had a couple of days that were related to getting things ready for the wedding, but nothing too bad that didn't end up putting me on the couch for days at a time.

The only other appointment was getting assessed at the Rehabilitation unit at the UofA hospital in preparation for the Fibromyalgia clinic in May.  Things are all quiet for this month...I guess it was the calm before the storm...

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