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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I need an assistant!

December 16th, 2008 I have an appointment with a Neurologist, Dr. Witt.  He is a very thorough doctor and asks a million questions and then does an extensive exam on me.  He hums and hahs a lot but in the end he is pretty darn sure that I don't have anything neurologically wrong with me.  He rules out MS and anything like that.  He is concerned with my headaches though so he orders an MRI just to make sure that he hasn't missed anything.  He sends me off with a statement I will become all too familiar with..."There is something definitely wrong with you but I am not sure what." 

I get home from my appointment and I have a message to call Dr. Boyko's office saying it is urgent.  I don't get the message until after his phones at the office are turned off for the day.  I do get rerouted to his on call line and I tell them I had an urgent message from my doctor.  The lady on the other end says I should wait and call the office back tomorrow during regular office hours.

The next morning at 7AM I get a phone call from Dr. Boyko personally.  He is wondering why I never called back and I tell him that I tried and what I was told from the on call receptionist.  He is not happy with the on call staff, I should have been put through to him.  My potassium levels are dangerously low and I needed to start on potassium like yesterday!  He tells me he is faxing my prescription in to my pharmacist and that I should get the pills immediately.  I also need to do more follow up blood work as they have to monitor my potassium levels...getting too much can cause problems for the heart.  So I need to routinely get blood work to make sure I am within the safe levels.  Question is, why do I need this potassium?  Where am I losing my potassium?  It doesn' make sense yet.  I am only 33...potassium is something that older people take.  Doctor now has to figure out where my potassium is getting "leaked" in my body.

I am also scheduled to see an Internist.  December 18th, 2008, I meet Dr. Duggan at the University of Alberta hospital.  I now have my own "Dr. House"!  These are the guys that handle the tricky situations in the medical field.  Again, I have an extensive interview about my health history.  Thank goodness for technology...he has record of every ER visit I have had in my life, every hospital visit, surgery, blood work, testing etc.  Some things I had even forgotten about and man, there was a lot to talk about.  Another physical exam.  He is concerned and puzzled.  Of course he wants to send me for more blood work.  He is happy to see that I have a CT Scan coming up and that I have seen a neurologist with an upcoming MRI.  He is concerned about many things but can't put his finger on anything just yet.  More test results and maybe some answers will come to him.

With all these upcoming appointments and procedures, I feel like I need to hire an assistant just to keep me organized.  I am the type of person to handle this stuff but with my health the way it is, I am sure I am going to miss something with all the phone calls of go here, do this etc.  Thank goodness for calendars! 

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