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Saturday, April 30, 2011

January 2010...HOPE???

A few posts back I mentioned that I had a test that found a fibroid and now I am meeting with my Gynecologist to discuss what we do with this.  January 9th Glenn and I met with Dr. Mayo and we discussed having surgery.  I have been through surgeries with Dr. Mayo a few times for my Endometriosis so I am not worried about this upcoming surgery at all.  We will just have to wait for a surgery date and take it from there.

January 16-20 Glenn took a much needed break to Phoenix Arizona.  He has been through so much with me and has been a star at it but he needs to escape the madness as well.  So we book him a trip to see our friends in Phoenix that I stayed with just a few months earlier and my brother Todd will be there as well.  They had a good time relaxing, golfing and Glenn got to see Alice Cooper's restaurant which was a huge highlight for him (Glenn is a HUGE Alice Cooper fan)  I was really happy that Glenn got this time away from all the madness going on back home.

While Glenn was away, I had an appointment with Dr. Bailey, another Gastrointestinal (GI) specialist.  We are desperately trying to figure out why I have so many issues with my bowels.  This appointment happens on January 18th.  I had an incredible appointment, at least at first.  Dr. Bailey asked me many many questions about my health history and we had some really good discussions.  Again, I felt that I was being listened to and that he was going to try and help me out.  He decides to do some major blood work on me.  And I mean major.  So many things were ticked off on that lab requisition that I didn't know what could possibly be left to check.  I mean everything from HIV to being pregnant etc.  I felt like he was leaving no stone unturned.  I was feeling really positive.  He even brought in an intern doctor to discuss what could be wrong with me.  Then the appointment took a turn for the worse.

Dr. Bailey wants to put me on steroids.  He has NOT come up with what is wrong with me but wants me to try a steroid treatment to see if I can get any improvement.  My defenses go up but I don't let him know this just yet.  I do tell him that I am not comfortable with taking a steroid without knowing why or what it would be possibly treating.  He tells me that with all I have been through in the last year and some that they have to try something.  We finish up our appointment and I book a follow-up appointment to see him in 6 weeks to see how things are going.  I take my lab requisition and a prescription for steroids home with me.  The appointment lasted over an hour.  I drive home discouraged.

The next day I go for my blood work.  In total, it would have been 24 tubes of blood but the lab techs figured they could get away with only taking 17 tubes of blood and that some of the tests there would be enough blood to do some other tests.  They are blown away by what the doctor is checking for.  When all the labels for the blood work is printed off, when the lady held the labels above her head they fell to the ground in length and then some.  They drew the blood and then refused to let me go until I drank 2 juice boxes.  I felt fine but they wanted to make sure.  All that blood taken, they better find something wrong!

I go home and book an appointment with my doctor, Dr. Boyko for the next day.  I see him on January 20th.  I tell him about my appointment with Dr. Bailey and then tell him about the steroids.  He immediately confirms my thoughts.  He tells me that there is no way that I should be taking steroids without knowing what we would be "treating".  Steroids is not something that you mess around with and just easily take.  They are very hard on your body and it takes time to get off them.  It is just not an avenue that my doctor is willing to take me down.  I am instantly relieved.  You have to listen to that small voice in your head telling you something is wrong.  When you have a gut feeling about something, act on it.  Don't ignore it.  It is there for a reason.  I am so thankful that I listened to mine.  I go home and I throw the prescription in the garbage.  I am sure that 6 weeks from now will be an interesting conversation when I see Dr. Bailey again.  Stay tuned!     

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