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Monday, April 25, 2011

December 15 & 22nd 2009

I am being sent for another CT Scan.  Again, they are trying to figure out where this inflammation is in my body and if they can see anything else.  So off I go again for more pictures.  I have my appointment at the Royal Alex Hospital on December 15th.

A few days later I get a phone call to see my doctor.  So I go and see him on the 22nd.  They have found something on my CT Scan.  This is good news??!!  Maybe we have our answer???!!!

The CT Scan showed some spots on my lungs.  The report reads as this "In the posterior segment of the right upper lobe, there are four or five small patchy areas of ground glass attenuation.  These are nonspecific.  These are likely related to an infectious or inflammatory etiology.  Correlation with Patient's symptoms is recommended and radiographic follow could be performed if clinically warranted."

In our everyday language, I have some spots on my right lung that are possibly from an infection or inflammation.  My doctor is ecstatic that we may have found where this inflammation is coming from.  I am now going to be seeing a lung specialist to see what is up.  They will most likely have to scope my lungs, which doesn't sound like fun but I am so looking forward to having some answers finally!  The New Year should bring some really good news for us!  I am ready for 2010!  Bring it!

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