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Sunday, April 3, 2011

October 1-15, 2009

Oh are one of my most favorite months of the year!  And this month continues to be challenging yet full of adventure and relaxation all in one.  Okay, I better go in order.

October 2, 2009, I have my second bone scan.  I love that I again get to put so much radiation through my body when I already know this is a completely unnecessary test.  But I gotta do what I gotta do.

October 5 is my birthday and I turn the big 34.  And I "celebrate" it in a way only I could come up with.  Okay, I gotta back track a little bit for this one.  On my September 10, 2009 appointment with Dr. Boyko, one of the things we discussed was me getting away for some serious R&R for awhile.  Doc gave me the go ahead to fly far away somewhere to do some serious relaxing.  That afternoon I excitedly booked my flight to Ottawa to visit my good friends Tim and Lisa Knapp who live just on the Quebec side of the river.  Lisa and I have been trying to plan a trip for me out there since they moved there from Calgary.  I was excited to be going there for the fall season and seeing all the beauty that happens out East with all the fall colors.  It was going to be the perfect thing for my soul.  Visit good friends and enjoy my most favorite season.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Kid you not, the next day, my friend Lisa got a call for her to go for surgery...she has been waiting for this phone call for so long and it is major surgery for her.  It is to be done the day that I was to arrive.  We both cry and try to understand as to why this is happening.  After so many obstacles for me to go out there, we finally have the biggest one in our face now.  I am not in any way mad about this, I am very happy for my friend as she seriously needs this surgery like last week.  We are just both so sad because the day before we were so excited.

So now I have a plane ticket and need somewhere to go.  We throw around a few options and they just don't feel like a good fit.  I then come up with the idea to go visit some friends in Phoenix, Arizona that I have not seen in probably 15 years or so.  I give them a call and they are more than happy to have me come down and stay with them.  They have to work during the week but I tell them no problem as I plan on spending my days just relaxing.  And relaxing by the backyard pool in the Phoenix heat seems like a pretty good way to fill my doctor's prescription!  I was able to change my flight and the morning of my 34th birthday, I left bright and early for Phoenix.

In all, I spent 10 days in Phoenix.  It was such a wonderful healing time for me.  Yes, I still had my issues to deal with day to day.  But there is something about being away from the stress of home (doctor's calling, insurance company calling and harassing, every day life, etc.)  It was good to reconnect with my friends and meet their family (they had teenagers who were so wonderful to be with and were very relaxing and fun!).  I would wake up in the morning, go out to the backyard and just sit by the pool soaking up the morning sun.  I would then have breakfast, get ready for the day (okay, put on a bathing suit, put on the sun screen, grab my book) and head back out to the backyard.  That was my day.  When it got too hot, I would go float in the pool to cool off, then go back to the lounger to have a snooze and get dry and warm again.  Vitamin D really is the best medicine.
My Phoenix Sanctuary

Our evenings were full of visiting, taking me to a few sites but for the most part, just pure relaxing and enjoying good company.  I did manage to do one big event while I was there.  I went to my first NFL Football game!  What a treat for me....a bucket list item in fact.  I was happy to attend the Phoenix Cardinals vs. the Houston Texans in the beautiful University of Phoenix Stadium.  My friend dropped me off early and I went and joined a tailgate party.  They were very welcoming to me, this lone Canadian trying to get the American experience.  The game was a thrill, Phoenix won and all in all it was a fabulous day!  One of the highlights for sure.  I happened to be down there for Canadian Thanksgiving (my friends are Canadian) so I treated them to a Thanksgiving dinner made by me, as a thanks to them for having me.  We had a lot to be thankful for.  Even though life can be rough at times, there is always so much that we can still give thanks for! 
At the Football Game

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and I return back home.  But I feel rejuvenated in my soul again and am ready to take on what is coming at me next.  The day after I got back, I go and see Dr. Davis about by bone scan results and of course, everything is fine, he has no idea what is wrong with me other than to keep pushing the Fibromyalgia word at me.  I am ready to keep pushing on to what is REALLY bothering me...

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