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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Year was 2008...

2008 was a good year.  In March we went dog-sledding, one of the many highlights that I had on my "bucket list".  In May I became an aunt again.  The summer was action packed as they always are for us, usually filled with sporting events.  August brought about another "bucket list" item as we cruised down the river in Edmonton on a supper/evening cruise on a glouriosly hot summer night.  Life was good.  Work was enjoyable and I was given more responsibilites as a result of my work ethic and performance. There were many reasons to smile, laugh and breathe in all life had to offer.  

At the end of August beginning of September we were going on a road trip to visit good friends of ours.  We were getting ready to drive to Winnipeg, then continue on down to Minneapolis, MN.  Two long days of driving but with lots of music, good company (my hubby) and the open road, we were looking forward to visiting and having a vacation.

August 24th I dropped Glenn (my husband) off at his son's house so that they could spend the day golfing while I did some last minute shopping to prepare for our trip later in the week.  It was a beautiful sunny, summer day and I was looking forward to getting my errands done.

The errands did not get done that day.

About three blocks after I dropped Glenn off at his son's house, I got INTENSE cramping in my stomach.  I thought I was going to die.  I knew that I was in trouble.  I needed a bathroom FAST.  I quickly pulled into the nearby McDonald's and had to use a public washroom to deal with whatever was going on with my stomach.  After sometime in that bathroom, I thought that I was good to go and I could venture off to my first stop...something must not have agreed with me but I feel okay now so here we go...

I got to the store and proceeded to have another "attack" immediately.  Luckily the store had a public washroom and I spent some more time in there.  This time, I didn't feel so good after using the bathroom.  I was weak with exhaustion, shiviring cold and felt a headache the size of Manhattan coming on.  A spot in the right, middle of my back starts to become really sore.  I immediately left the store, drove home and threw myself on the couch where I feel into a long, deep sleep.  When I woke up I felt a little better but was more ticked off that I didn't get my errands done and I certainly didn't want to be catching a "bug" right before our trip.  

I spent the rest of the day on the couch, too exhausted to do anything else.

Who knew that I would come to never forget this day...

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