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Saturday, February 26, 2011

November 19, 2008

Colposcopy appointment:  Colposcopy is a medical diagnostic procedure to examine an illuminated, magnified view of the cervix and the tissues of the vagina and vulva.[1] Many premalignant lesions and malignant lesions in these areas have discernible characteristics which can be detected through the examination. It is done using a colposcope, which provides an enlarged view of the areas, allowing the colposcopist to visually distinguish normal from abnormal appearing tissue and take directed biopsies for further pathological examination. The main goal of colposcopy is to prevent cervical cancer by detecting precancerous lesions early and treating them.

Truly, the only thing really terrifying about this appointment is that it is at the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute.  No matter what, you just don't want to be at this place for any reason.  When I first get there, I have to get registered.  I now own a health card from the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute.  I don't like it.  But I need it as I will be here from time to time over the next 2-3 years, depending on how the treatment goes.

When I get to the actual room, I relax a little more.  The staff there are incredible.  They are so kind and caring and put you at ease.  After watching a video with Glenn, as to what I should expect, I then go off by myself to the examining room.  I meet my colposcopist Dr. Black and he is someone that I know I can trust my life with.  He explains everything that he will be doing and even points out that I can watch it on a screen as well.  I choose to watch it on the screen.  Knowledge is the best thing and I think that if I can actually see the abnormal cells, I will understand more of what is going on.  So I do watch.  And guess what, I could see those abnormal cells.  So they take a biopsy of the abnormal cells and say that they will see me in 6 months unless the biopsy comes back showing the cells progressing too fast in which I would have to come back for another procedure.

It is over and done with.  Check that off of my things to do.  I can do this.  It was relatively painless during the procedure and afterwards it just felt like some mild cramping.  Again, I am mentioning this part of my health journey as it was an important step.  You need to have your annual physical so that if abnormal things do come up, they can get dealt with before they become something that you can't deal with.  I am so glad that I am getting this taken care of and monitored.  I hope you are doing the same thing for your body, you are worth it!

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