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Thursday, July 28, 2011

January 2011

I am loving this New Year.  I feel great!  It is time to move on and get my life back in full.  I schedule an appointment with Dr. Boyko at the end of January as I know it is time to get back to work.

Half way through the month, I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company that said I was back at work and that they were closing my file. I contact them to say that there must have been a mistake, I was not back to work yet. They are all confused. I now have to contact work and they are all confused. In the end, it is revealed that someone with the same last name as me had come back to work and the lady that processed the paper work did not look at the first name and just assumed it was me. Oops, that is a pretty big mistake! I ask them to please fix the situation as soon as possible. I knew that something was up because my last pay was bigger than normal and thank goodness I have a good head on my shoulders and kept the money aside and didn't spend it because I knew it was not right. We then have to go through all the hassle of paperwork to pay back my employer the money and get that all straightened around. What an unnecessary headache because someone didn't do their job properly. How can you just assume it is someone without checking out all the paper work? I wonder what happened to the person who was really back at work? Did they miss their pay? Government workers I tell ya!

I first have an appointment with a surgeon, Dr. Moysa on January 19.  I have thought for sometime that I needed to do something about my breasts.  They are bigger, not the hugest, but big and I am tired of them.  They hurt my back and neck to have to carry them.  I have to pay $120 for one bra.  I hate shopping for clothes as it is more of a chore than anything.  I have to get them to fit bigger so that they fit up top, but then they are too big in the waist area.  Or I sacrifice and make it fit in the waist area and then everything pulls up top.  It gets really frustrating at times.  But the weight of them is the biggest thing that makes my choice to do something.  I have talked to some ladies who have had breast reductions and the stories sound similar to mine and I decide this is what I want to do.

So I meet Dr. Moysa on January 19.  We have a great appointment and he says that I am a good candidate for the surgery.  (Surgery is covered by my health care in Alberta).  We discuss what he will do, the recovery and everything that I can possibly think of for this surgery.  We book it for May 10...I can't believe it will be this fast as usually just to see a surgeon is a year waiting list and I am already being booked for surgery.  But more on that later.

I see Dr. Boyko on January 27 and basically tell him that I need to go back to work.  I have been well for over 3 months now and I am bored and want to get back to normal life activities soon.  He agrees that it is time and I can now make the moves with my long term disability insurance company and my work as to how I will go back to work.  This is a very exciting thing!!!

Okay, but one more pay at the end of the month was once again, too much.  I contact work, and they didn't fill out my paperwork properly once AGAIN and are all apologetic.  I now have the hassle of having to pay them back once again.  Seriously, this is getting to be a little ridiculous by now.  But I work it out and get it sorted out.  I hope.  We'll see how the next pay period is!  Good grief.

All in all, an exciting month with my appointments, but a hassle with my work.  February should be a month of lots happening now that I am cleared to go back to work.  Stay tuned...

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