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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

December 2010

Once again, we are full on in the Christmas season!!  I so enjoy the days and nights being surrounded by all the decorations and festivities that go on in this month.  This year, it is a true blessing to be able to enjoy it in it's fullness, without having to worry about my health.

I do have a couple of appointments that I have to attend to early on in the month.  I have an asthma test, which I know is a complete waste of my time but once again it is the doctor's just finishing up on their end of things so I go to the Grey Nuns on December 3rd.  And guess what???  I don't have asthma!!  Phew, so good to know.  (The last line is filled with heavy sarcasm)

I see Dr. Sholter one last time on December the 9th and he agrees that there is nothing he can do for me and it seems like my body has sorted itself out.  I thank him for his time and effort to help me and I bid him farewell.  I think I am done with all this doctor nonsense!

We enjoy the Christmas season and this year, even though I am feeling good, because of all the craziness that has consumed our lives, we decide to stay home for Christmas this year.  We won't  be packing up and heading to the farm.  We want to stay in one place, enjoy Glenn's kids and just focus on the real meaning of the season and be together and full out RELAX.

We spend Christmas Eve with the kids at our place.  We have a wonderful time of sharing gifts, playing some games, talking and partaking of good food.  We end the night off with a Christmas Eve service and then are home to be with ourselves.  Christmas morning was so glorious.  Just Glenn and I, waking up with no schedule, enjoying opening up our stockings and seeing what Santa brought us and then just taking the day as it may.  It was perfect!

New Year's Eve, we always go to Moxie's for dinner to celebrate the year (and also because I refuse to cook the last meal of the year)  We went to a movie and then came home and quietly rang in 2011.  Here is to new beginnings and the start of something fresh!!!

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