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Friday, July 29, 2011

February 2011

Okay, now that I think we finally have all the issues sorted out with my work in regards to my overpay and such, I think I can proceed with the whole back to work process.  Unfortunately, I just received a letter from my insurance company saying that my case manager has been changed and I have someone new looking after my file.  It really is too bad because the case manager that I had was really good to work with and our communication worked out really well.

So I call my new case manager and introduce myself and tell her what is going on.  I tell her of my doctor appointment and that I have been cleared to go back to work.  She seems very uninterested about the whole thing.  I tell her that I have never been on long term disability so I am unsure of how this whole process will work out.  The only thing she will tell me is that she is sending out paper work to my doctor for him to fill out and we will go from there.  I made this call on February 7th.  Now I wait.

February 9th, I had an allergy test as one of the doctor's (I can't remember which one at this point) wanted me to do this and Glenn and I had been thinking it would be a good thing to have done as well.  So I get poked and I get itchy and nothing unknown shows up.  Pretty much everything that I knew about allergies before, I still know now.  But it is good to have an official test done with an allergist.

I spend the rest of the month waiting to hear back as to what will happen with work.  I hear nothing.  I call my new case manager and she doesn't answer my calls, nor does she feel like she needs to return them.  I am really missing my old case manager.  But there is nothing that I can do about it.  I have done everything that I need to do, to the best of my knowledge.

I finally get a response around the 23rd of February...paper work is in from the doctor but it could take a week to get it into the system.  I ask if they can rush it as my disability runs out on March 31st.  I need to get things in motion as far as getting back to work.  Again, the case manager doesn't reassure me that things are going to get done.  It is extremely frustrating to sit back and have to wait for it to all play a real slow pace.  I am learning some real patience this month.  Here is hoping that things will move once we hit March.

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