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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh April...

Spring brings about hope, change and a feeling of something new.  And I try to believe this too.  Glenn and I have been very busy the last few weeks doing up our wills as we have had many people pass away from this life in the last little while.  And with things going the way that they are for me...well, it was beyond time to get them done and it is such a relief to have that piece of mind.  I hope we don't have to use them anytime soon, but they are now done.  Phew!

April 4, 2010 we went to the John Mayer concert.  We enjoyed a lovely meal at the Coliseum Steak & Pizza before the show.  Although we didn't know the opening act of the show until we saw him, we were glad that we didn't miss it!  Michael Franti was very enjoyable and got the mood going for the night.  We were really enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden I had one of my stomach "attacks".  Seriously, I am out for a nice evening and am very much enjoying myself, I do NOT want to be stuck in the bathroom at this point.  I tell Glenn I gotta go and if he can please find me a ginger ale at the intermission, that would be lovely.  Thank goodness this happened very close to the intermission so I didn't miss much of the concert.  But then that means that the bathroom is going to be filling up soon.  I really am beyond hating this now.  But there is nothing that I can do so there I am.  I am able to get my body settled down before the end of intermission and Glenn has found me a ginger ale so I am hoping to be able to stay in my seat and really enjoy the show.  The rest of the night was magical.  Thank goodness the bathroom did not keep me from seeing this show.

You know, as if I don't have enough to deal with, I have some toothache trouble and go see my dentist on April 7th.  Turns out I need a root canal and have it done that day.  Why not.  Might as well add a root canal on top of everything else!

April 23rd I go for some more blood work.  They are checking to see if I am pregnant.  But before you get ahead of yourself, it is because I am having my surgery to remove the fibroid on April 26th and they have to make sure I am not pregnant.  This is the one time I happily give blood!  April 26th rolls of the surgery.  Glenn and I settle in for a long day at the Royal Alex Hospital.  I am the last one scheduled and of course they get behind so it was a lot of word searches and crosswords.  The surgery went well and I feel fairly good afterwards.  I didn't get to leave the hospital until late at night as I was already late in the day getting the surgery and then there was just some minor post-op stuff that had to be resolved before they could let me go home.

I get home but have a hard time with the pain management at first.  I didn't sleep at all that first night.  Glenn went to work the next day but we had Kristen, Ryan's girlfriend who is studying to be a nurse, come and stay with me the next day.  It was nice to have her company for the day and to just make sure that things were going okay with me.  I finally get the pain to be manageable and the next few days go by fairly smoothly.  On the 30th, I had a bath in the afternoon and when I got out of the bath, I had a mild fainting spell.  I called Glenn and he rushed home immediately.  Something didn't seem right with me.  I had some clotting so we called the health link and told them what was going on.  They tell me to get to the ER as I have just had the surgery a few days earlier and with the fainting and clotting they want me to get checked out.  We go the the ER they do some tests on me, give me some good examinations and try figure out what is going on.  I am dehydrated, my blood pressure is low for the first time that I can ever remember, so they give me an IV with much needed fluids and for pain med's.  The IV hurt so bad going in.  But I am at least getting my fluids and when they give me a shot for pain, it is the first time in a couple of years that I experience NO PAIN.  It is kind of a scary feeling though.  I wanted more of the drug.  I tell Glenn that I get why people get addicted to pain med's.  I finally had relief for the first time in a long time.  I didn't want the feeling to end.  But they can't just keep pumping me full of this pain medication.  And I don't want them to either.  But it was nice to have a brief period of NO PAIN.  I enjoyed those couple of hours.

I am finally able to go home.  They figured my problem must have been due to the dehydration.  They will get someone to come take my IV out so that I can go home.  This lady comes in some time later to take out my IV.  We didn't recognize her as one of the nurses that we had seen through the night but, maybe there was a shift change or something.  Anyways, she proceeds to take the IV out.  Now I need those wonderful pain med's

Do April's showers really bring May's flowers?  I guess we will see what May brings my way...    

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