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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

March 2010

Here we go again, I'm back to the rounds of doctors/appointments and tests.  But then again, we knew that was going to happen.

First order of business was to head back to the Colpo Clinic (March 4th) to see how the cells in my cervix are doing.  Was the LEEP procedure a success?  Is this going to be the end of these appointments??  I go into the appointment with high expectations.  I leave the appointment with high expectations.  The bad cells are completely gone and nothing new has developed!!!  Success!!!  I no longer have to go back to the Colpo Clinic and can just follow-up with my doctor for my yearly physicals.  FINALLY some good news!!

Hahaha...March 8th.  I have been wondering how this appointment will go for the last 6 weeks.  I am headed back to Dr. know the GI guy that wanted to put me on steroids.  You know that this appointment is going to be interesting!  Dr. Bailey comes in and we go over my blood work to begin with...remember the 17 tubes of blood.  Yeah, that one!  The results are 8 pages long.  I will only highlight on the stuff that is out of whack.

My blood is showing a low HCT level.  Surprisingly my inflammation is down to 31 but still above the normal of 20.  My Complement C4 level is low.  My IGG count is high (29.80 when the highest should be 16.8)  My Rheumatoid factor is still high at 27.  In my electrolytes my Chloride is high and my Total CO2 is low.  My total protein in my blood is high.  The protein in my urine is high.  On the ENA screen my Anti-SSA is way high at 669 (it should be 120 or less) and my Anti-SSB is also really high at 570 (it too should be 120 or less) and the ENA screen is Positive which is not good.  The Aldosterone levels in my body are high at 1121 (when it should be between 28-860)

So what does all that mean?  Well, some of it, not so sure.  The ones that need some focus on is the IGG, Rheumatoid factor, ENA Screen results and Aldosterone levels.  Basically, those ones in a nutshell mean that my immune system is low, my adrenal glands aren't happy, and I have some serious autoimmune disease that they still have to figure out.  Again, I have the blood work to back up that something is wrong, but again, we still don't know what IS wrong.

Then Dr. Bailey asks how I am feeling since I have been on the steroids.  I tell him that Dr. Boyko and I decided that steroids was not the thing for me to do since we don't have a diagnosis.  He looks at me, picks up my chart and tells me, "Then you go back to Dr. Boyko and tell him to have someone else find out what is wrong with you."  and he walks out of the room.  Just like that.  He is done with me.  I wouldn't take a powerful drug just because and now he is through dealing with me.  I expected this reaction and I move on.  Back to the drawing board once again.  I am getting way too used to this and I shouldn't be.  I need a specialist to help me and continue to fight for me.

Dr. Boyko is still in my corner and isn't giving up on me, he has the proof not to give up on me.  He will find me other specialists.  Speaking of that, I still haven't heard when I am to see the lung specialist about the spots on my lungs.  I follow-up with that and apparently the specialist office lost my paperwork so new paperwork had to be submitted.  You really have to be on the ball when it comes to your health.  Good thing I followed up with this.  But it still doesn't help the fact that now I have to wait even longer to see him.  Another know the saying.

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