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Monday, October 17, 2011

Follow-up Appointment

June 8, 2011 I have my follow-up appointment with Dr. Zeman.  We will have the biopsy results back from my tests while I was in the hospital.

I see Dr. Zeman and she is not a happy camper that day.  She starts in on me that I have had problems for a few years now and have seen other specialists.  I confirm that with her and explain to her that she was the doctor that I saw in the Emergency Room and she was now following up with me.  She is not happy.  Great bedside manners.  I ask her if they got any results back from the biopsies.  She said that they really couldn't find anything other than I have an excessive amount of white blood cells in my stomach that we should investigate as it could be a condition called M.A.L.T or hyperplasia.  But she is quick to say it will probably be nothing.  Whatever...have them look into it as it is not something that is normal.  She is really starting to tick me off by now.  She then turns to me and says "I think in all honesty Lisa, you need to learn how to deal with pain in your life.  That seems to be the real issue here."  And then she is done with me.

Nice hey?  I have dealt with pain all my life.  I can deal with that.  I can't deal with extreme pain and bleeding out of my butt.  That is something completely different.  I am once again very discouraged as I leave this appointment.  The receptionist tells me that they will set up my appointment with the other specialist about the excessive white blood cells.  I ask the receptionist if I can get copies of the reports from my hospital visit.  She provides me with those and away I go.  Again, I am confused and hurt from this experience.  

I catch a bus home and begin reading my reports from the hospital.  And now I am MAD!  Right there in the report is how they couldn't get me to sleep during my colonoscopy and that everything I had said and asked for pain meds and such, it was all written out there in black and white.  I wasn't lying!  The doctors were lying....I don't know why they felt the need to but now I had my proof!  I wasn't going crazy, this really did happen to me!  There is nothing that I can do about it now, but at least I know what happened and the story is there for all time that cannot be disputed.  I hope that I NEVER see those doctors again.

On June 16, I had to go see Dr. Boyko (my family doctor) for some follow-up.  He has my hospital records and he is completely disgusted with the way that I was treated.  He also has the follow-up letter from Dr. Zeman and is not impressed with her lack of professionalism in her letter.  It is so good to know that my doctor is on my side and knows the real story of what is going on.  

At this point in my life, things are getting better.  The cramping in my belly has stopped.  I am no longer nauseous.  My doctor believes that somehow I got a massive infection in my gastrointestinal system and now it has worked itself out.  I am just so happy to be feeling good again and hope that nobody in the near future has to stick another camera up my butt any time soon...just saying!!

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