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Friday, August 19, 2011

Follow up

May 4, 2011 we go back to see Dr. Marilyn Zeeman for the results of the colonoscopy.  Turns out that I don't have Chron's or Colitis.  Phew!  This is big news.  I can immediately stop the colitis medication that I have been taking for the past week.  The thing is, it was most likely a very bad infection that I had...and we have no idea how I got it.  There is no explanation for it, I have it.  There really isn't anything more that they can do for me.  I still have lots of cramping, especially after I eat.  I am told to take the medication Buscopan to help with the cramping.  It does help but why am I getting the cramps?  Will this go away when the infection goes away?

I am to monitor my symptoms for a month.  If I get better, great!  If I don't get better, or I get worse then I am to come back to the doctor.

The next 2 weeks are off an on.  Somedays I am okay, other days are crampy but manageable.  I finish my assignment with my first temp job on May 6.  I am sad to leave it as it was a good place to work.  I am to start my next assignment on May 12 at a family violence center.  I seem to be doing pretty good.  I even do a run for the food bank on May 14th.  I am visiting people and doing things and working once again.

May 20th, I start to have some serious cramping at work.  It is Friday, before a long weekend and I don't want to be suffering through the weekend.  I can get in to see my doctor right after lunch.  I see him and again, he is concerned and just wants to know what the heck is going on with me.  He gives me some pain meds and some strict instructions that if I get worse on the weekend, I am to go to the ER immediately.  I promise him I will be a good girl.  I go back to work and finish off the day.  The drugs help with the pain and I continue to take the Buscopan.  By that night I went to bed feeling okay.

Saturday May 21st I feel great!  It is a beautiful day and we enjoy it.  We are going to a friends house for a pig roast, how fun!!  It was a wonderful gathering and we had a lot of fun.  But by the end of the night, I start feeling sluggish and tell Glenn that we should probably head home.  I was very good to watch what I ate and didn't overdue it at all.  It was just probably a lot going on and the warm day just probably wore me out.

Oh how I love to stay positive...

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